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Pujaut is a charming village built on the side of a hill that was protected by a castle destroyed during the Albigensian Crusade in the 13th century. The village dominates an agricultural plain which was once a lake that was drained between 1585 and 1611, leaving fertile land to be divided between the villagers and their lord who was the King of France. The drainage was financed and organized by the monks from the Chartreuse at Villeneuve who also built the fortified farms of Saint Hugues, Saint Bruno and Saint Anthelme. The traditionnal houses and lifestyle in the hamlet still reflect the major agricultural influence in the region. Chapelle Saint Vérédème: former priory (10th c.) dependant on the abbey Saint-André at Villeneuve. Parish church of Saint Jacques built in the 14th c. by cardinal Bertrand. Vieille Foutain, Ménage Fountain, Quatre Tuyaux Fountain and communal wash house. The statue of the Virgin and the old windmill overlooking the village have excellent views.

Vieux Village